Wednesday, December 19, 2007

December 18

Daniel cut this thin balsam, which I decorated with milkweed pods, origami boxes, Japanese paper balloons, and real tin tinsel. The milk weed pods are creamy metallic inside, bird shaped, with a tough stem that can clip to branches. On the outside the pods are velvety gray, and bumpy. How has it taken me all these years to see them?
One last wool project in hand dyed wool with colors picked from a ripe pineapple.
Here is a skinny scarf warp, winding on to the old barn loom. This one is linen and cotton. The next section will be plum brown rayon chenille, alternating with black silk and rayon chenille. I would like to dip one end in a dusky purple/black dye, and let it bleed up into the light colored linen.
Another Woolly Bully, somewhat like the others. The light was late afternoon. Outside the cardinals were sitting like plump bright apples in the the dark branches above the feeder, waiting their turn for the last of the black sunflower seeds. One afternoon I counted 16 bright males, while the females are a subtler gray with a cad orange wash. I shouldn't talk about the birds unless I can show them. I'll try tomorrow.

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