Monday, May 26, 2008

Finish and Begin Again

The first window weave is off the loom, hemmed and ready to deliver. Now I'm moving to my next project, a spaced linen warp with rya knots made of Finnish paper yarn, Japanese paper yarn, linen, and silk ribbon. It's another in my series of All My Eggs in One Basket. I'm excited, but it is time consuming to weave it, and there is a mid June deadline. I'm happy that the loom is already warped with enough linen to do this project. The linen on the
9 silver paper pirns is to weave the tab loops to hang the finished weave.


Jane said...

How gorgeous! Your photography is lovely, too. And how pretty are those silver paper pirns?!

My first encounter with a weaver was in 1976 in River Falls, WI and I knew at that moment that I, too, would one day have my own loom and spend my life weaving.

My mother's family are all from Portage County -- and I used to live first near River Falls, then later near Baraboo. Wisconsin is a special place for me -- the number of artisans and artists per square mile is one of the best kept secrets in the US. :)

Am so delighted that I have found your blog. Am off to read older posts now.

Weave on!

Ursula said...

It looks really pretty in your shop. I wish that I could be there! See you soon... tomorrow! (I'm going to bring the weaving books I got at the library last night.)

Avalanche Looms / Susan Johnson said...

I saw a hand painted wooden sign banging on a fence post that said "RUGS" at the top of a twisty little short- cut road, and I had the big idea that if I moved to Wisconsin I'd be a rug weaver. Thanks for taking the time to look.