Monday, September 15, 2008

sweet September

The maple trees are the first to change color, just after the county fair is over. This year at the fair, sadly, the little bus and car ride going around in a circle was gone. Also gone, the little helicopter ride, also circling, and going up and down, with our then little girl waving to us each time around, if she dared to take her hand off the throttle. The ferris wheel was a much, much bigger affair, this year. There were still two nights of demolition derby.

I walked up the hill road after supper, in long shadows, and the low setting sun. My picture isn't close to the glory of gold light in the woods this evening, and the new crisp, chill air.

Today I wove the alpaca and wool scarf, which reminds me of gray birches, and there is a second one under way, in apple colors. I wanted to try my hand at the style of scarf I see at the beautiful cocon. If fall is at my door again, I suppose I'll have it back.

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Anonymous said...

your scarf looks so inviting and smooshy, almost looks knit. Makes me think winter coming isn't all bad.