Monday, June 1, 2009

Geranium's Blog

Time out for the geranium. Lately there has been a lot of comment directed to me in the store about the size and vigor of my geranium by the back door. This plant has been mine since 1998. It has suffered 2 catastrophic crashes, one move, and several drastic prunings. At times I and it were on better terms than I and any other sentient being. In its place by the back door, it seems to have decided to occupy the place. It has a once yearly cocktail of Rapid-Gro, in March. Brushing past it releases the most sweet, leafy scent of geranium.

I call it the poor woman's orchid.


Unknown said...

well done - it is gorgeous! and i never thought about training my geraniums vertically as you have done. mine look a little doctor seuss-ish. and the original plant has begat more than 8 offspring. they are remarkably easy to propagate :)

Susan said...

Hey--I'd never say easy! (although I'm no horticulturalist). And, as for training it-this geranium does as it pleases