Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cat's in the Bag

The pink silk rag and perle cotton weave was going to be a pair of skinny pink cats, when I wove it. That is, until I cut it into 3 strips, patched and pieced them together into one long strip, and finally sewed Doni's bag. The sewing was a snap, and I made mine deep, so that it would safely hold some produce (tomatoes?) from the farmers' market, and maybe even survive a bike ride home, with no spills, the bag over my shoulder. I'll have to put it to that test. I do believe this bag would hold a calm cat.


Joanne said...

It's truly a beauty! Ah, here we are under the Rag Bag Moon(mood?), thanks for the link to the bag pattern.

Donatella said...

Susan! This bag is fantastic(and your photos too)!!!
I am really happy I put that tutorial on the blog - I'm sure your bag will be comfy to carry, even on the bike and full of groceries!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the little tomato patch! It's wonderful (the whole bag...)
Jaimie in IL

Anonymous said...

Joanne, a ragged moon. Yes, try this out. It's very ingenious

Donatella, you've created quite a stir out here in Wisconsin. I'm so glad you decided to share the pattern. It was a fun to make it at last

Jaimie, the tomato ribbon is from Laura Foster Nicholson. I used to sell it, but you can find it at some fabric stores.

Susan said...

Ha. I was trying to choose my identity, and hit the wrong key above so became "anonymous"

Susan (so that doesn't happen again)