Saturday, October 31, 2009

Abundance Is A Bandage!

Felt button making today was a little like baking cookies. Sofie helped. These were dyed in a simmering bath of dye and vinegar and salt, decorated with french knot dots out of perle cotton. Stitched to a safety pin back.


Internet auto-translation can be such a rich experience. Any writer can become two, or even three, times better than she ever imagined through this simple application. In my last post about creativity and inspiration, I tried to say that self-censorship is my biggest problem to overcome, and felt I had expressed that idea as well as I could. That is, until I came across an internet site that substitutes any writer's words with synonyms, starting with letters from the beginning of the alphabet. I've no idea why the site exists, but there it was, and this is what I found.

In my version I wrote: "I wonder, Why do I stop myself? I'm actually not doing anything alarming, or earth shakingly over-the-edge. It's only a scarf, and mine is a scarf with crooked edges, and bright moments."

Observe the transformation magic of robot internet synonymization:

... I wonder, Why do I stop myself? I'm absolutely not accomplishing annihilation alarming, or apple shakingly over-the-edge. It's alone a scarf, and abundance is a bandage with agee edges, and ablaze moments.

See how much better?

In Tina Fey's words, rephrasing the lyric "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose", "A synonym's just another word for the word you want to use...."


Polly said...

This is hysterical! Thank you for sharing the improved version. I really enjoy your blog.

Susan said...

I particularly liked Ablaze Moments...I want that, all of the time!

Unknown said...

love these sweet buttons - and the hilarious translation. so much fun