Wednesday, November 11, 2009

m. whitecloud hats

m. whitecloud hats for sale in the store now: Granny Square, all recycled materials, rabbit fur, and double knit striped ties. Handmade, slow design. This one is for a smaller sized head.
$60. + sh/h (WI sales tax applies to WI sales)

m.whitecloud hat: Hot Bonnet, hot pink rabbit fur, all recycled materials, handmade, slow design, medium size, $60. + sh/h (WI sales tax applies to WI sales)

m. whitecloud hat: Brocade, faux fur, recycled materials, handmade, slow design $60 + sh/h
(WI sales tax on sales in WI). SOLD

m. whitecloud hat: Double Knit, faux fur, all materials recycled, hand made, slow design. $60. +sh/h (WI sales tax to WI buyers)    SOLD

m. whitecloud works in Viroqua, WI, making bags, hats, and other amazing styles (Amish meets Bjork?) Working in the slow design movement, she makes batches of items, each by each, using local, recycled materials (bike inner tube rubber, thrift store fabrics, unused coffee bean bags from the local coffee roaster). She always pushes the edges on each object she makes, finding "just one more thing to add that will make it better." She's such an inspiration to me! I'm lucky to know her, and to be able to sell some of her work. If you are interested in purchasing a hat, or need more information, send me an email:

Thanks to Sofie, for perching on my uncomfortable stool to model hats!


Hilary said...

Found your blog late last night, and read it ALL. I am a weaver myself, with a weaving business, but wow! You inspire me to be better.

I am still trying to visualize how that tote bag goes together....and trying to imagine what the bottom looks like. Guess I will have to try it.

Susan said...

Thank you, Hilary. If you're asking about the single strip bag, you should see Doni's Delis blog. She introduced the pattern. It's a long narrow strip, usually 7" by 7 or 8 ft, depending on the length of the strap. Cut a half size sample from some fabric, and twist it around to try it out. It's simple, really. I like it unlined, because I like to see the weave on the inside too.
Good luck!