Friday, December 10, 2010

SNO-CRUSH: Kathleen Aaker

Kathleen Aaker wove her gauzy, linen shirts in a simple design.  She's been wanting to weave something to wear for a long time, and she's found it.   The stripes are the weft, and the warp/selvedge edge is the hem. The design is ingenious, and they look great on real people!

Since she lives on a boisterous creek (the South Fork of the Bad Axe)  the sound of rushing water surrounds her.  She calls her studio, Riverweave, and the mostly silk scarves she weaves, with deliberately slipped wefts are meant to look  rivery.  I think she loves and hates that river.   She has said that the river is too noisy, keeping her awake sometimes.  The river is also wild at flood times,  sometimes leaving her stranded, so it's not hard to imagine it influences her weaving.

She and her husband planted a native grass prairie on their farm, and she weaves that grass, harvested at the end of summer, into long repp weave table runners and wall hangings. The repp weave is perle cotton, the grass, Native Big Bluestem.  They are a beautiful setting for a harvest table.  She wove one in white wool and prairie grass for her daughter's wedding table.

Finally, are her little Kats, pieced out of wool scrap.  Meant as toy dolls, they have very long arms, the better to drag them by.


Maia McDonald said...

Lovely work Kathy, I especially love the table runner, beautiful colors!

riverweave said...

I appreciate your writing, appreciate your mind, your art, your creativity and, not least, the inspiration you have given me all these years.

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I, too, love
the repp weave. Thanks so much for showing all these artist's work, Susan.


your work is so awesome! i appreciate you blog


thanks for blogging your very unique craft, awesome!

TIERRA INDIA Taller Textil said...

Hola kathy,hermosos trabajos Feliz Navidad!, Grace
Beautiful work, Khaty!
Merry Crhistmas!!.Grace

TIERRA INDIA Taller Textil said...

I like your blog, "Avalanche looms", congratulations Susan.