Tuesday, January 18, 2011

snow days

The bee boxes have snow tops, and look like giant petit fours in the snowy yard.  Cardinals, jays, 
titmice, juncos  finches, downies and sap suckers rush the feeders, with whirring feathers.  Every other day it snows a few more inches, and in the middle of the night we sometimes wake to hear Frank, the snowplow guy, clearing our driveways.  

These are good weaving days. I wanted to enter a textile show, and took some pictures for it. The deadline is today,  but I  couldn't manage to burn the cd, which was a frustration. Why am I so dull when it comes to this stuff?  I'm still weaving the little cuff alpaca wristwarmers, and rag, linen and cotton panels to sew into soft furnishings. The title of this weave series is We're Not Out of the Woods Yet. I made some good coffee and wove for a little while, and felt much better.  January is my new favorite month.


Peg Cherre said...

OMG, those wristwarmers are STUNNING!! I've seen many varieties, but none as beautiful as yours.

barbindell said...

So it's almost 2 and still below zero in Dell--January still your favorite

Susan said...

But, Barb, it's a dry cold

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

So sorry to hear about your difficulty with the CD. It's the textile show's loss! The wristwarmers are beautiful!