Sunday, June 26, 2011

good weaving days

I walked up to the quarry this Sunday afternoon, in a perfect breeze, a perfect light.  I wanted to take a picture of the ferns that grow across from the quarry, and there they were, in softly filtered sunlight. Some butterflies were dead along side the road.  I've woven two new plain scarves, in linen and combinations of silk, alpaca, and cotton, but mostly unbleached linen. One is ferny,  greens and browns. The other is dark teal blue, browns and charcoal gray,  lakey.


barbindell said...

It was a great day to weave--got a bunch done on the rep weave---come over to downtown Dell to take a look--I really like the ferny green in the scarf.

Anonymous said...

Your work is really beautifull.
best greetings Patricia

Susan said...

Maybe everyday we get to weave is a good day
Best greetings to you, too, and thank you

fifi said...

*gasp* so beautiful and inspiring!!!