Sunday, December 25, 2011

My red plastic comb warping assistant

It's Christmas day and I'm finishing a new little rosepath warp in black and gray striped perle cotton.
My red plastic comb, taped to the top of my frames, with the teeth out  in front of the closest frame to the beater, holds the threads I've unwound from a 2 inch section on the warp beam.  Each thread is in the place where it came through the tension box, as I wound it on the back beam yesterday.

It is so easy to keep the ends in order, and to look for my next heddle.  The threads do not slip out of the comb, until I pick one.   As I move across the warp, I untape and reattach the comb where it will be most convenient to access the threads. 

It's so simple, I'm embarrassed to admit how much time this saves me. I was so excited when I posted about my "trick" that I'm sure I raised expectations. I hope this isn't too disappointing.   But I've never been able to master any other method that made warping faster and still accurate for me. I do hope someone out there will find it useful, too. 


Jaime Rugh said...

Love it- what a genius idea:)

Susan said...

Thanks! At least one person might find it useful.

Anonymous said...

What an elegant solution for fast warping, slow weaving.


Peg Cherre said...

I'm confused - how does the comb help? Are these supplementary warp threads? Threads you only use in some of the pieces you're weaving but not all?

Also, what are the little purple things holding your unused heddles back?

Susan said...

Oh, Peg, I didn't want to confuse anyone. This is just a way to keep my threads in the order they came through the tension box, in an easy place to access them. Otherwise, I tried holding them in my fingers, or taping them to something, and my warping was always awkward and slow, and prone to mistakes.

I warp my looms sectionally, so I don't have a cross to take the threads off in order.

The little purple plastic clips are meant to be paper clips, but slide on the top metal bar and securely hold those unused heddles

Peg Cherre said...

Ahhhh.....sectional warping. Never tried it, so know nothing about it. (Don't have a sectional beam, obviously.) Me & my warping board are best friends.

Paper clips would slide on my heddle bars, too. What about those little plastic hair clips?

Thanks for the info!

faun, said...


I pinned your idea for weavers out there, I know its a marvelous think to keep warp threads untangledand in order. it should bring people to your site to see more.
(hint) if you're not too buzy weaving. grin

there's a movie "the long road" about a young weaver you might find good, she has felted wool boots and a really sweet loom, they show how bowls are patched the old way too.

Unknown said...

WhooHooo!! What a great idea. I even have one of those combs in my studio. It was just waiting to have a purpose. Can you believe that?!! This is going to really help me when I warp my Cranbrook with sectional beam. Thanks so much for posting about it.