Sunday, January 8, 2012

Heat Wave

It's warm enough today to feel good wearing just a sweater on a walk.  I went to look for some snow or ice, and the best I could find was a little along the banks of the West Fork.  A pleasant swan lit up in a front yard. I like swans, and especially like swan representations in plastic.  It must be the curve of the neck.  All around the hills are curves against the sky. The West Fork stream banks are scalloped.  I've always looked for roads that wind, and meandering streams.  This might explain why  I've always preferred a curvy selvedge!

I picked a new stack of rags to weave with, and considered working in some vintage rags from
an old rag ball.  Oh, the plaids!


Anonymous said...

I like the title of your post "heat wave" - also a curve! Great pictures.

Susan said...

Twists and turns fascinate me so much I don't know why I'm not a knitter instead of weaver

You're right! A wave is a curve

nanotomo indo said...

Thankk you for being you