Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Forward!

The warm spring has turned cool again.  The mushrooms are sporadic, the ticks profuse, but we go out hunting anyway.

Blue jays, a skunk, and an old and battered one-eared cat have been visiting the cat food dish on the back porch.  Our Avalanche vagabond (traveler) has returned to camp in the park, with his donkey and homemade cart. I've finished a large project, and  I'm going to march for Women's Rights in town this Saturday, for an hour or so. I've made an appointment for a fresh haircut, and plan on pinning on a sash that says Ratify the ERA.

 Honestly, I thought this was all taken care of 30 years ago.  My 26 year old daughter mocks my outrage.  She tells me she doesn't believe that the Pill is a relatively recent development, or the Internet. She is a Summer of Love denier, too.  It never happened, Mom.  Well, she's partially right there, it never happened to me.


Susan said...

Wow. The pill changed everything. Women could plan to go to college, or get a job, or not marry the first guy they fell for. Opportunity opened for women, and we took advantage of it. In 1970, only 2% of lawyers in Mich. (my home state) were women. My guidance counselor told me.

I just made my ERA sign. It's cool and rainy today, but I'm going to close the store for 2 hrs. and go hold it up.

ladyoftheloom said...

I hope the march went well! My youngest daughter is contemplating a law school with a course of study in "applied feminism". Funny they still have to teach that to lawyers. AND she has a guy.

Peg Cherre said...

Far from mocking your outrage, I applaud your courage! I have many of the same opinions, but rarely take the initiative to do more than commiserate with my friends or write an occasional letter to a politician. I do, of course, vote, but that is never enough.

Susan said...

Oh, Peg, my children always mock me. I'm outraged every other day, and their mocking me only makes me stronger. And, I know they generally agree with me.

Vote, and talk to friends. That's plenty political. Women need to stand up for each other. I'm not a single mom with a minimum wage job, but I surely want that woman to have support for the job she is doing. Unwaged labor is what women have done--but it is such important work,to raise and educate children. Since it wasn't work done for wages, it was not even considered in the GNP as a contribution with an economic value.