Monday, July 23, 2012

100º in the shade

We're home from the lake and it's still beastly hot.  The cat was asleep for a day and a half in the culvert under the woodshed. We discovered a burr oak leaf skeletonized by unknowns, insects, we suspect. I have a brand new library card because I found a book I wanted to read for the title alone,  What There Is to Say We Have Said,  letters of Eudora Welty and her editor, William Maxwell.  The librarian issued me my new plastic card, that can be punched and added to my key ring, saying, with a radiant smile, Welcome Back! as if a lamb had returned to the fold. Eudora Welty, love, always.

Spoons for sale in the store,  purchased from a little old lady (as she calls herself) who carves them in Ely, MN.  Lilac, Maple, Lilac.


Saskia said...

indeed, welcome back, hmm have not heard of this author, will look her up, always nice to find new titles/authors to read.
beautiful spoons and skeleton

riverweave said...

I have always wanted to find a skeletonized leaf. Lucky you for finding one.

Susan said...

Saskia, I read so many books, for so long, that I had to quit. Still, I love reading letters by fiction writers about writing. I hope you will read a little Eudora Welty.

Kathy, I didn't find any. Dan found 3. But, I took the picture.