Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Frost

We saw frost on the car windshield this morning, but nowhere else.  Avalanche is a pocket of cold, down in the valley. It is the week after the county fair, when some years, we want mittens.

 I'm weaving crosses these days, this red one is silk in linen. The cross is an appealing shape, and a block design. I especially like the contrast of the diamond gooseye in a square block. 

Cat update: I have a new kitten. She's got thumbs, and no name, yet. A customer in my store last week told me emphatically that she would not buy anything from a weaver with a cat. True to her word, she didn't buy anything from me, though I was only thinking about getting a new kitten, then.

My good cat, the handsome Mukki, disappeared into a thunderstorm, in the middle of the night from our back porch after an enormous cat fight. A bad tom with white boots "Bootsie" had been laying for Mukki every night. Mukki was a fixed boy-cat and didn't care to fight.  He kept an anxious eye on the screen door after dark. We kept him inside every night, until the thunderstorm night when he wanted me to let him out at 4 am. After he disappeared, I went around the neighborhood one Sunday, with pictures. I caught up on the neighborhood news, but no one had seen him.  I put a poster up  by the  pop machine at the old store in Avalanche. I checked again along the roadsides and ditches, but there was no sign of him, anywhere. That was mid-July. I asked my daughter if she thought it was too soon to get a new kitten. She thought it was. But, I decided to get one, anyway. If Mukki comes home again, he'll still be welcome, of course.  Mama Kitty still lives here. She's 12 years old, and no fan of kittens.


Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Hi Susan,

The scarf is gorgeous and perfect against the charcoal wall. Cheers!

Peg Cherre said...

Little no-name is adorable. Did she come from the SPCA? I think those thumbs mean she's likely to be large, no?

weaveblah said...

Sad news about Mukki; I hope he returns safely to the fold.
Beautiful woven scarves, Susan.
Wishing you happy days.

Anonymous said...

'thumbs' is a good name :-)

Susan said...

stohoomstGloria, thanks. The dark gray background is really intriguing me, lately.

Peg, she's going to be big. Right now she's biting and scratching and purring at the same moment. She came from the mother of Mukki and Big Tom. They're barn ats.

Weaveblah, I'm keeping my fingers crossed Sometimes cats show up after a long time. He was so smart.

anon. Thumbelina? Or, Lena?

jan said...

kitten is beautiful! Oh and the weaving's pretty good too! Seriously I hope Mukki turns up. I've had cats disappear, and then return. Hope that happens with you. X Jan

ladyoftheloom said...

fromIss145Oh I love Lena. She is adorable, thumbs and all.

Lovely weaving too, I don't understand it though. I guess I need more than 4 shafts with all that twill underneath.

Susan said...

Lady of Loom,
This is 4-shaft goose-eye The tabby is plain weave.
I don't carry the pattern all the way across the weave,
but pick it up just in the middle, or where I want to see it.

Joanne said...

Mmm, I wonder what the logic is in not buying anything from a weaver with a cat???? Sounds pretty weird to me.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful color and designs, texture! Can you say something about your inlay technique. Can this be woven on a 4 shaft loom. I really admire your work----and choice in cats!

Tilleke Schwarz said...

love you new kitten.

karina nielsen rios, copenhagen, denmark said...

Dear Susan,
Your woven scarfs looks amazing and your little white kitten with the red face so cute.
I have just received a Liebster Blog Award and have passed it on to you, as I love the textile letter you send me earlier.

Lots of love from Copenhagen,

sidsephos said...

Hi Susan
Sorry for my poor english. I´m so exited when I see your scarfs. And you make me want to take a flight to you if only I could learn too weave, like you, with the most gorgeous colors of this world. I do weave, but, not not not enough. You inspire me to do more work, even the painting is the thing I do right now.. Thanks for your inspiration.

Patrice A. said...

hello you!
I have found you via Karina of byRios
and wauw! love that scarf!
I am like you into crosses
but no weaver
how I would love to learn....

with greetings
from the Netherlands
Patrice A.

Susan said...

Thanks Karina. I'm so pleased that you are interested in my weaving blog. I'll have to think hard about passing this on. I look at so many exciting works by weavers and textile artists. It will be very difficult to choose.

Tilleke, My Mukki never came home. So I got this new one. She has an orange patch shaped like a butterfly on her back.

Patrice, and Sidsephos, I'm so glad if you were inspired
to think of weaving someday. And thank you for your English. Google translate is my only hope of
understanding Danish or German.