Thursday, May 16, 2013

old and new monday

Angie (Kindred Threads) usually documents our monthly Monday weaving happenings on her blog; but I had a serious crush on two woven pieces last Monday, and I had also remembered my camera.

Elin, our Danish friend, made a new, wool roving wrapped, jute core, rug.  She had the yarn made for her by an Amish mill. It was simply a wonderful rug.

Angie brought out a new scarf she wove in creamy organic cotton and Habu tsumugi silk (brown). This is a classic gingham check  scarf design, which  I have woven a few times, using the Swedish mosquito net (myggtjall) gauze weave.  She took this design to a new level, I thought,  with perfect materials, sett, and texture. She added a thicker cotton yarn in the warp, and at the edge of each white weft stripe, to change the texture, and emphasize the stripe. Then she carried it along the edge, until it was needed again for the next weft stripe. I felt swept away by its simple perfection, proving that the things we think we know can always be new again.


riverweave said...

I'm feeling mutual admiration.

Susan said...

You liked that rug,too. Why can't everything we make turn out just right? It happens pretty rarely, I think

Claire said...

I'm now wondering if I can spin my own corespun rug yarn - that rug is gorgeous!

Susan said...

Recently some small fiber mills have been making this. It's got a jute core. Elin dyed some of her fleeces before she had it made into this rug filler. I'm not a spinner, so I don't know if it could be hand spun, but why not give it a try?