Monday, June 23, 2008


The unbleached 16/2 linen inlay took almost 6 hours to do. It was hard to see, so I had to remove more than one error. My edges took a beating from reaching around the weave to hold the paper pattern up, but it was worth the trouble. The rest of the runner/window weave will take less time to finish than the inlay did. The traditional combination of half-bleached and unbleached linen in a weave is very attractive. Do it again? Yes, yes, yes!


Ursula said...

And here I thought Lingonberry was just a flavor of juice or dessert in the IKEA cafeteria...

very very nice.

Avalanche Looms / Susan Johnson said...

Thank you. Lingonberry is also a Swedish mitten knittin pattern

Anonymous said...

Love it! So gorgeous, light, and airy.

Monday, I picked up 120 pounds of nordic linen and cotton from a German weaver who is moving on to other things. Can you say, "Oh yeah!" Am so excited about having tons, OK, pounds, of linen to work with -- a lot of natural, half bleached, some white, and some gorgeous colors, too.

Thanks for the super triple shot of timely inspiration!

Weave like an Egyptian,

Anonymous said...

Jane, Not to sound envious, but how amazing! Maybe it was an angel. If it were me getting linen like that, I'd believe in angels

Anonymous said...

Susan, -- I *know*! I was so excited. Angel, indeed. There was/is no way on my limited budget that I could ever have afforded this kind of bounty.

She also gave me her handpainted pattern books from when she was in her Masters program in Germany. Just lovely.

So now, I'm anxious to design, design, design -- and weave!

Your work truly is an inspiration for me, and I just so love dropping in and seeing what you are up to.