Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Winter

Today I'm trying to remember, unsuccessfully so far, my New Year's Resolutions. Also, I've been weaving some more wool rugs, and making a plan for a small repp weave on my Norwood 4-harness studio loom, where I was so recently involved with Cat Paw scarfs. My favorite colors of poppy red and copper, mixed with a gray and unbleached white will be heart stopping, at least in my vision of them. A good Valentine weave.

In other news, my 12 year old geranium is about to bloom again. Did I ever mention how touching the leafs of this geranium in the studio in January releases such a fresh, unexpected scent, which smells sweet and green? Another favorite aromatic experience this time of year is to grate celeriac before putting it in soup. Well, back to some outdoor sporting activities until I can recall what my New Year's Resolutions were.


Debbie Pavick said...

hmm. i think you were mum on your resolutions on the eve so i can't help u remember either! one of mine was to begin a blog so inspired by u was i.

Anonymous said...

That must be it, I did not make any resolutions.
Now, show us the blog! I'm sure you'd make a good one.

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

That warp is going to be great!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Susan! Love the ski postcard.

The warp is scrumptious. Fire colors. One of the coldest February's of my entire life, was in Wisconsin -- maybe that is what made me think 'fire colors.' brrrrr!

Stay warm, stay weaving, and stay on track with those resolutions. *grin*

Weave like an Egyptian,