Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Better Day

Would you like to be a weaver? Unable to fall asleep at night because you are struggling with the myriad ways of threading the warp you have all but lost faith in? Rejoicing to find, by the dawn's early light, that you don't have to hack it all off, and chalk up the last week of work on it to a complete loss. That it is working, at least at the first 6 inches. This little warp that I've been calling Depression has made me wonder again, and again, what it is that gets a grip of my brain in this process?

Maybe it's a similar, but better, obsession than binge eating of potato chips, for instance. For now, I'm humming along weaving this little bit of repp: 5/2 perle cotton working in my little 22" Norwood Studio loom, 2 ends/heddle, 4 ends/dent, in a 12 (not 8, as I had planned at first) 12 dent reed. Crowded, but in a good way! Believing again that it will always work out!


Amanda May said...

And it is really beautiful!

Ursula said...

At this point I don't know if you'll be able to call it a Depression Weave after all! I'm glad it is working out, and that you haven't had to scissor it all off. My daily horoscope said

"Keep bringing your thoughts back to the present moment, for this is where the real work occurs. The future will arrive on schedule."

I think that means something for me, and maybe all of us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amanda. It's a potholder.
Ursula, if I had scissored it, it might have been kind of fun like Rapunzel's witch mother, Rish-Rosh!

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

These colors are so amazing! Keep at it, my friend :)