Monday, June 8, 2009

rainy day

Nothing suits me better.


♥ Hannah said...

I love your blog - especially all those beautiful pictures on weavingstuff. Is the Jean Lilly scarf you made, simple twoshaft? (don´t know if that´s the correct name for it)or did you use more than two shafts?

I´m constantly looking for new patterns and ideas because I´m having my loom moving in next week. I only have room for this 6-shaft loom so I´m a little limited when it comes to patterns.

Because of your experience, I wonder if you can recommend any books or other material on 6-shafts or less?
Best regards

♥ Hannah said...

Me again...I´m so sorry for not reading the note about Jean Lilly more carefully. It´s Myggtjall and I´ve looked it up so now I know how it´s done.

Susan said...

Hannah, Kiitos! I'm very interested in your weaving on your blog, and of course I love everything Finnish. The book we use is Marguerite Davison's, A Handweaver's Pattern Book, with many, many patterns for 4 harness.
I like very simple weaves for myself.

Celia said...

It has been raining here also and it is cold too cold if you ask me. I' m waiting for the real summer to begin.
You have so lovely pictures!

♥ Hannah said...

Thank you for the information. I´ll look it up right this minute! (oh, and thanks for the word: harness....) :)