Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Looking Around

Today I finally finished sewing the Half-Woolly bag (half of a full Woolly Bully bag) woven in rosepath with wool rag-rya. Then I took my last cotton and linen scarf, with rosepath designs, and hung them in Mrs. Mamakitty's doorway for a picture. She paid no attention.

She needed a new bed of fresh pine needles, since the nights are cooling off, and the big pine tree is dropping its needles just now. After lunch she tried it out, and found it very suitable for an afternoon nap. This morning Sofia woke up with an extraordinary ringlet curl in her hair.

I then tried to call the congressional offices to register my opinion again that, as a self employed person, without health insurance, I support a strong Public Option for All in Health Care Reform. (My call got through, tomorrow I'm going to send postcards).


Unknown said...

love these images.
and that reminds me -
i need to call my congressman, too.

Susan said...

Health care can be available to everyone. In addition to phoning, mailing, emailing, I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and I've also lighted my magic monkey candle

Theresa said...

Beautiful images. What a treat to find your blog. I've been enjoying past posts.
Let's hope the right thing is done and there is health care for EVERYONE. Calls and e-mails going out from OR too.