Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Darkest Day

On the darkest day, if the weather is still, I like to light a candle after dark outside.  Sometimes I put it in the fern bed by the sauna.   Yesterday I put it by the path.   It was a quiet day to weave on linen.


Tan Family said...

Lovely post. Exquisite weaving!

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan -
Thanks for the picture of the little path over the creek; I'm in California for the holiday and I miss the snow.
See you next year -

Theresa said...

Beautiful piece of linen weaving on the loom.
Even the dark days have their charms.

Susan said...

It's true. But I'm someone who actually prefers night

Meg said...

Season's Greetings, Susan. Wishing you a lovely, delicious time.

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

What a great ritual! I love that weaving. I'm glad you're continuing to experiment with the disjointed motifs. Happy New Year!