Saturday, December 5, 2009

First Snow

First snow, first cardinals at the birdfeeder, first sweeping snow off the porch when I open the store, first time to try out my new boots.

I'm still felting my fir trees, and also weaving on my mixed weft cotton and linen Rosepath scarfs. A while ago,  I can remember thinking I didn't care for Rosepath as a weave.  Now it seems just right. This is a mixed weft time of year, when there seem to be so many different claims to my attention, this weaving is oddly calming.  I think it's the unbleached linen plainweave that I love the most, that's always in the background.


Charlotte said...

Your scarves are very cheerful, the colours and the pattern really work. I like how you've been bold with the colours, mixing them together to great effect.

Sadly nothing as exciting as snow here - just lots of rain!

Hilary said...

I just love everything you weave......can I see more???

Susan said...

Thanks! I like to see everything change as I weave on into the future. I spend a lot of time just standing
( I'm not sitting on a bench) and looking, and thinking. I shouldn't even call it thinking

Hazel Terry said...

Your weavings are very beautiful, lovely colours and patterns