Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Scarf No. 3 on this mostly silk Rosepath warp.  I'm really warming up to the seductive warm colors, with a little aqua for the sugar-on-top.  Figuring out color is always my first interest, and I usually try to make it more difficult, because the results are often more interesting, at least to my eye.  But even with a simple color scheme,  nothing is automatic about color and design.  There's always the chance of good color going bad.   Seeing the rags I used to start this scarf makes me feel itchy to do a little more rag weaving.

There was a torrential downpour on Friday the 13th, another flood in Avalanche.  It was a little scary. Soon after the waters subsided,  a sister, nephew, and son and brother in-law, came to visit.    Our table has been full of people talking,  eating good food, and laughing about I don't remember what,  but was very funny at the time.   The good feeling is what lingers.


Joanne said...

Wonderful combination of colors...whoever thought pink and orange would work?? Love the ice blue touch...the scarf will be lovely. I need to get back to rag rug weaving, too.

novembergrass said...

Delicious colors, like sherbet.

Susan said...

I usually prefer murky and drab colors suddenly punctuated by brights in terms of color. The problem I like to solve is to put myself in a tough corner, and work my way out, one color at a time