Thursday, September 2, 2010

at the lake


 Now we are home from a visit to my parents at the lake up in Ely. We had a few swims and a sauna,  hiked a trail, drank some beer, and looked at the lake.  My mother has woven a pretty new rug in wool, with a violet stripe and some black and white checks.  She said,  "I wanted to let that violet wool be the star of this rug."

The design of this rug is so good.  She knows how to use plaids to good  effect, avoiding  dizzying optical effects, and creating a simple and clear graphic quality.  My mother has also been stacking in her winter wood supply for her weaving shop, which has only a woodstove for heat. Minnesota winters can be -40 degrees, and the snows are deep.

The pine woods smelled sweet in the mornings.   After the sauna, the lake water felt so  soft and silky on our skin.  The feeling is exquisite, and something  I look forward to  all summer.  The two ancient yellow folding chairs by the lake shore haven't collapsed yet!


jaimieb said...

Oh, I would love to see pictures of her weaving shop! That rug is beautiful and the lake pictures paint an image of a wonderful place to be. Where is it?

Velma Bolyard said...

so it's hereditary, both weavers. from your piece i could feel the lake water. thank you for that.

Susan said...

Thanks, Jaimieb. Ely, MN

Velma, Yeah, but my mom started weaving, technically, after me. She loved fabrics and sewed all the time I was growing up, so I definitely got my textile fixation from her. Also, I got my Finnish heritage from her, and my love of lakes.

goldie goldbloom said...

Like Carl Larsson's place, this one...something about that line of fresh clothing out on the line against the water, the logs stacked so precisely...pleasing.