Saturday, January 14, 2012

salt and pepper

Salt and pepper, black and white. I always go back to them for my rug warps, because they keep the color and design lively.  They aren't neutral.  They are black and white, simply, or complexly.  The long rug is one I wove a few years ago, called Geranium, after my old lady geranium that bit the dust, after living with me in my shop for ten years. I haven't seen this rug in a long time, and it looks like an old friend to me. It has a black and white 12/6 Swedish mattvarp, log cabin warp.  I'm about to embark on a new rug project, and though I'm a rag rug weaver at heart, it's been a little while since I've actually woven one.

Black and white, log cabin or pincheck? I haven't used pincheck in years, but I always like the rugs where I used it.

To make room for the new rugs, I just cut off a 20 ft length of ragweave from my sturdy Kessinich loom. This is also black and white warp, 2 inch solid stripes, threaded in Rosepath. I'm going to wash and dry it, and then have my own bolt of ragweave to cut and sew into pillows, work aprons, and woodland animals. I'm just pumped to have a long bolt of fabric I wove to do with as I please.


Velma Bolyard said...

rag weaving, rag rug weaving, or the practical stuff, is very rewarding. i once scored lots of lily cotton to weave into rugs...until mr. marilley caught on to me buying it all up i was made in the shade. he then raised the prices...

Hilary said...

So your 'bolt' of fabric is wide bands of black, and white?
Is it 8/2 cotton?
Rosepath, right?
I love it, and I love the idea that you are going to use it for so many things.

Susan said...

Velma,so much color, texture, and freedom when it's rags. Sorry your deal went south

Yes, the stuff coming off the loom, in the solid stripes warp is my bolt. Yes, rosepath, Bockens 12/6 mattvarp
That's the idea, hope I can cut it up

Rosemary/sonrie said...

Beautiful colors! I was just given a table loom this week so after I clean it I can start weaving again after about 5-6 years...not a floor loom but I'm off to a promising start.

Judy said...

I love the color combination! Rag rug weaving is so rewarding and there are so many possibilities.

Susan said...

sonrie, Wonderful, and I hope you'll show pictures of your new weaves

Susan said...

Finnish and Swedish weavers always recognized the quality and beauty of rag weaving. At least that's how it seemed to me when I started to weave rags. From what I saw in US magazines, or at conferences, rag weaving didn't count as real weaving. That attitude has changed, a little. It's good, because there is so much room for weavers, new and skilled,to experiment freely with color, texture, design, and to make beautiful weaves