Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Horses, horses, horses with wings

All this energy, all these wings.  This little handwoven coca-pouch from Machu Picchu in Peru has inspired me to weave for many years. It was woven in the 60's, probably on a backstrap loom. I bought it while I was still in school. It didn't cost much, as I remember, but more than I thought I had to spend, at the time, on something I had no use for. I didn't even have a loom, nor did I know that I would be a weaver for most of the rest of my life.

Its purpose is to carry coca leaves, and a small stone, held in an interior woven-in pocket, used to grind the leaf against the teeth when chewing the coca.  The leafs were used ritually, to stimulate thoughts, and also to reduce hunger.  The pouch straps hold the pouch over the heart. The coca leaf has been used in the Andean culture for thousands of years.  There are ancient woven pouches with the same designs on this one.

Though I weave nothing like this, and do not even like horses particularly, the black and white, and the swirling motion of the legs and feet still entrance me.  Such wondrous weaving. It depicts an imaginative state of mind, strong and transcendent emotion, which we humans are capable of, and which we strongly desire to experience.   Looking at this, and drinking good coffee this morning, makes me want to hurry up and do something remarkable.  That is, it makes me feel just fine.


Saskia said...

yes coffee and those horses would get me racing towards making in no time; I am not weaving ..yet! a friend of mine has a loom for me, but at this period in my life, I have neither the space for it, nor the time, I imagine both will become available once the boys have moved out and I can work less in the office...well gotta keep on dreaming hey! oh and thanks for visiting the other day, I enjoy reading your blog too.

Velma Bolyard said...

it's a beautiful textile, and this weaver loves horses and has always wanted to ride a winged one (jumping was a little bit of that).

Susan said...

Saskia, Enjoy the boys, they leave so soon.

Velma, I love all animals, horses, too, but I never felt horse crazy, like many of my girlfriends. I like the twirling legs and wings. That horse is going somewhere in a hurry

Velma Bolyard said...

susan, i got the horse thing but was never able to have a horse or afford lessons, so i did that part as an adult. i was lucky for those years!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful, thanks for posting it. I would like to try those winged horses in tablet weaving.