Saturday, December 1, 2012


Now we are getting down to the bare bones.

A butterfly in my hair started an advent calendar, with drawings for artist made objects in
the month of December. My face cloth will be there, among many other desirables.  Leave your comment there, (by Monday, December 10) Good luck-- if your  name is picked, I'll send it to you.


Joanne said...

Lovely face cloth, love the subtle colors and the weave!

Susan said...

Joanne, it's our new favorite hemp warp again with linen wefts--such a good combination

Claire said...

It's beautiful. I'm taking part too.

Susan said...

Great. I'm going to enter my name. There's no limit to how many items you can enter to win. I'd love to get something you' d made

Erin said...

This is so beautiful..! Lovely textures and colours..
I'd definitely enter my name!

Patrice A. said...

this is beautiful!
I will look out
for this one!!

Patrice A.

Susan said...

I hope you do. I've been entering my name there for some pretty things. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Patrice A. said...

I have been entereing
my name on your beautiful
face cloth
at vibeke's
I could not resist
and ordered the one
in your shop

Susan said...

Oh, that's nice to hear