Thursday, February 7, 2013

forget me

I've been breaking things, cups. One yesterday, one today. Oddly, I like the shards of this old porcelain cup better than I liked it whole.  I like the edited version, Forget Me. The other cup I wish I could fix, but it can't be done.

Maybe these crosses are about rescue. I certainly can't stop weaving them.


Anonymous said...

yes, don't stop weaving them, they are so beautiful, and "beauty will save the world".
And yes, just forget me :)

Patrice A. said...

so don't!
I love them
for me they stand
for all the positive

happy weekend!

Patrice A.

Susan said...

Patrice, Thank you, they are made with a very positive attitude!

Textile Practice, thank you, too. Maybe beauty can save the world. But I am only trying to hang on to ordinary things, memories, cups, people. I want to drag every last thing and every one along with me. Not everything or one needs to be saved by me. Letting go is a hard lesson for me to learn

jude said...

i feel saved by looking at them.

Susan said...

Glad to do that, Jude.
I think of them like the little bottles of Bach's Rescue Remedy we always rely on for the situations of sudden stress

Nancy said...

You are my favorite weaver of wonders! Please don't stop :)

Chickpea said...

I love your crosses, In fact you are one of my favorite weavers. I wonder how you make them though, floating like that in mid air of plain weave...

pick-up? many more shafts than 8?

Susan said...

Thanks, Chickpea.
It's 4 shaft weave, triple eye goose eye. Nothing too complicated, or I wouldn't be doing it. I do like the way it seems to float in the space of plain weave.

Morna Crites-Moore said...

What a wonderful blog you have! Happy to have found you, thanks to Jude. :-)

Susan said...

Morna, I'm glad you like it. That Jude, she's a force!

Judy Martin said...

I love the crosses as well. Rescue yes for sure. Protection as well. And balance - horizontal/vertical. man/woman. earth/sky.