Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wind and birds, stripes and crosses

 To a query from a potential scarf customer:

Hi, Rachel.
 I keep feeling drawn by all the design and color possibilities, and textures of my favorite yarns--linen, hemp, cotton and silk. I like to start with the square cross, to ground the piece. Filling this square design with diagonal goose-eye pattern is weaving bliss, for me.

I'm so pleased you respond to it. I even like to wear these myself, sometimes. But usually don't for fear someone will ask "Did you weave this?" I don't know why that should be so intimidating. When I have worn it, I'm amazed at the random positive responses I hear, similar to the approval I remember feeling when I walked down a street pregnant.  (the long answer!)

Yes, there will be more.


Elizabeth McMurtry said...

Hi Susan,

So glad you posted this. I too love your cross so much - it has inspired some quilts I have been working on, recently. Such a positive and as you said, grounding symbol.

I also hope there will be more scarves in your etsy shop someday, it will be an honor to have a piece woven by you. Thank you as always for your inspiration and beautiful images. Happy spring!

Patrice A. said...

these are so, so beautiful
like elisabeth i would love
to have such a beauty someday
but in the meantime
i am very happy with the cross
i have
it's hanging on the wall next
to my workspace
so i see it every day


Velma Bolyard said...

that piece is fine, and i love the bachelor cupboard work, too! of course the paper flowers are also fine. sigh. susan, you do good work!

ringadal said...

What a beautiful scarf. I am a tapestry weaver, but seeing that scarf makes me want to try to weave one, also loves the soapstone rug.

Susan said...

Elizabeth, It is slow weaving them, but making them is so interesting. A symbol means many things, but the cross is almost a weave

Patrice, thanks for you encouragement! I'm glad you look at that piece from my loom every day. That's amazing.

Velma, Paper is the thing, isn't it? Are you still deep in snow up there? It's still so cold here, and we have ticks! Not fair!

Ringadal, I hope you will try weaving something like it, if you feel interested. The cross is a tapestry inlay. I have to be quite careful watching my threads

Judy Martin said...

A beautiful scarf.
I too, love the cross image and the way it is placed in this piece and in these photographs.