Thursday, September 12, 2013


The Big Dipper is right in place for the first frost!  I keep noticing it because it's in the same place it was when I had my first baby.  On her birthday, a Sunday, it was warm and the leaves were all green on the hills.  The next time I looked, after she was born (and it did take a while, as I remember it ) the hills were covered with sugar maples in full blaze orange.  Happy Birthday, Ursula!

We are eating so many different kinds of tomatoes now, in so many different recipes. The juice drips down our chins. The flavor will not taste so good again.  Of course, we'll heat up the sauna!


sidsephos said...

Lovely Pictures, and a lovely story about Ursula. What a great name. Happy birthday for her. Happy day for you.

Alice said...

What a nice hem treatment, with that twisted bicolor weft. So simple, so elegant!

Susan said...

The morning was crisp and cool, but sunny, a hint of woodsmoke, just like it is today. It's very often been a perfect day. She is 32! Thank you.

Alice, old rag rug fancy trick--thanks, I was happy with it, too