Tuesday, November 12, 2013



Here is a collection of new hats, knitted by Barb, from Dell.  The collection, called Barb's Lids, is only half of the hats she knitted to donate to the local Food Pantry for gifts. They are each  made of beautiful yarns, each one a unique design.  I like to think how she imagined who would be wearing the hat she was knitting.  Barb does many cool things, but this one is sweet!

Bright days, good light. I've just threaded a new warp, and (knock on wood) it looks like a keeper.

My friend Amy encourages us all to sing more.


claudia Michel said...

I want to let you know how much I love your weaving. I've been weaving for about a year and your work really inspires me. I wove in Mexico - Teotitlan last summer and some of your work reminds me of things i saw there. I have a few questions - do you weave on a 4 or 8 shaft loom -
do you have any books to suggest that might help me in figuring out your techniques?
Have you ever considered leading a workshop? Thanks for your postings!

Susan said...

Claudia,,I'm so glad to hear you're weaving. I've been weaving for many years now, which means an artist can be interested and engaged for a long time. I hope it will be so for you. I am a weaver who likes 2 harness plain weave techniques first. My pattern weaving is on 4 harness looms. I use the most traditional Scandinavian patterns, Goose-eye, Rosepath, with a lot of plain weave. And mixed weights of yarns .I like to see transparency in plain weave linen and hemp contrasted to denser pattern and mixed wefts. No workshops, sorry. Books? Vav magazine, the Swedish weaving magazine heavily influenced me.

Best wishes, Susan

ilse acke said...

Nice little textiles on picture nr. 3! Curious to see the results of the new warp...