Tuesday, January 5, 2016

snow on the hill

It is time to take down the little tree in my store. Take off tinsel, cut paper snowflakes, folded paper stars, and put them away someplace that I can remember to look for them next November.   This morning was finally  cold and crisp, the way I expect January to be.  When the sun finally rose above the trees on the hill it was after 10 a.m.  The hill road and woods are full of soft, white snow now.  Snow white is an intense color.  The hollow owl tree's enigmatic runes caught my attention. Snow shoes worked.

 A deflated Jesus Loves You balloon, that fell from the sky into the crabapple, was still tangled there. The steep hike made my hands too warm, so I dropped my mitts, where they looked like startled snow animals, about to run away.  My, I was hungry!  I came home quick, and made a little pizza, for lunch, glutenous, topped with anchovies, artichokes and wild leek pesto.


Judith said...

Another "just the ticket" ! I love the snowshoe tracks, the runes....... The resonances of after the holidays and the deflated red balloon.
Can you believe two comments from me on the same day? I actually enjoy your responses too....like having a little talk across the miles, not continents or even states just across a ridge or two.

Judith said...

Oh forgot to say, another post (and another comment) "to boot"

Susan said...

Judith, you are the star commenter, indeed. But please note what I did-- 2 blog posts in one week! I was so tempted to write that snow shoes were "just the ticket", but that seemed like stealing

Charlotte said...

Beautiful photos! Is it very cold?

Debbie Pavick said...

wild leek pesto. yum!

Susan said...

Deb, if you like them, which I do, it's pretty wonderful

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Mmmmm, delicious. Leeks braised in butter, salt and pepper.
Thank the holy snowshoe for your blog, which steeps in atmosphere and 'place'.
Kind of place I love.

Beata said...

Fascinating blog, weaving beautiful designs, incredible pictures, charming place, wonderful cat
thank you for your blog Susan
thanks you moved to the land of bliss, which you've created

greetings from Poland