Saturday, April 12, 2008

For the Birds

Birds are weavers too, and in raw spring I like to put out linen and silk leftover yarn for them to weave into their nests, though I doubt they know they're collaborating with me. Once when I had cut Ursula's hair I later found a finch nest blown out of the tree lined with her blond hair.

This piece is a long, long linen, silk, and cotton banner 10" X 20'. I may cut it up to sew into baby blankets, or leave it as a long spring ribbon. Unbleached linen sections in this piece are
like the transparent skeletal leaf debris after the snow has melted, interrupted erratically by bursts of warmth and color, and the surprise (but we knew it would happen) of the late spring snow fall. Spring, we learn again, and again, is the start and stop season. Waited for too long, it promises and disappoints us.


Sofie said...

This looks so good! What colors do birds see? Are they good at coordinating? I love the weaving. It looks like a giant kite tail caught in the branches.

Ursula said...

Very pretty! And impressively long! The perfect spring colors... I hope you are done with the snow part, though.

Donatella said...

What a lovely idea, leaving yarn leftovers for birds to use up. Your ribbon is gorgeous, don't cut it!