Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dream, Imagine, Create

Here are some of the scraps of design I pin to my wall, which I know I ought to edit, but never do. Instead I always add to it. Pin cushions, postcards, planned parenthood bumper sticker, a match box I picked up in a parking lot in Sweden, a pony tail scrunchie tag that says, "Dream, Imagine, Create". I wonder if that applies to my pony tail, or the spirit of the age?

Today I'll be pinning on the 2 cats Ursula drew, cut out, & pasted to cards to give to us when she was still little. I discovered them and a few other treasures, in a blackened cardboard box that survived the old shop fire, on a shelf, astonishingly unscorched.

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Avalanche Looms / Susan Johnson said...

Hide, hide. Here comes Ursula. She's going to pick us up by the neck and carry us down the path!