Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Slow Progress

We had another flood in Avalanche!

I'm still threading in rya knots, using paper, linen, silk ribbon, and plastic. A piece of wool protects the weave from my hands while I'm working, and keeps the new threads from tangling in the surface already woven.


Ursula said...

Stay safe and dry, and speedy fingers on those rya! It is looking very soft and pretty. Love that you are using plastic in it!

Jane said...

Keep dry -- and above water. Yikes! Really love how this piece is looking -- for some reason it reminds me of Marilyn Monroe -- don't ask me why. Perhaps a certain elegance, a touch of glamor, and whimsy all wrapped into one.


fibrecrafty said...

Hello. I'm very impressed by this visually interesting piece you're working on; it's quite outside my weaving frame of reference. You're obviously taking great care as you weave. How are you approaching the 'winding on' process? Do you have to cushion the cloth in some way?

Avalanche Looms / Susan Johnson said...

The rya knots fold flat against the weave as it wraps around the beam.