Sunday, September 28, 2008

wall marks

On birthdays, or when we finally remembered to do it after your birthday, we marked the height of the birthday person on the dining room wall, balancing a graham cracker or macaroni box on top of its head, steadied against the wall for the true measure.

We kept the record, noting shoes on or off, wondering when Ursula would overtake Mom. (Just for the record, she didn't). Then there were friends and family who we invited to add their height to our wall, after we'd shared a good dinner. It didn't need to be their birthday, just the occasion of our good time together.

Everyone laughed and acted as if it were a big thing, stood straight and tall, but it wasn't such a big thing. Just a pencil mark (or magic marker!) on our dining room wall, proof that you were here with us, on what date, and how tall.


Ursula said...

Not reliably accurate, that macaroni box. I don't know if I'll take that as an official record, but I'm open to a re-measure the next time we're home.

growing an inch in Tucson,


Anonymous said...

I thought you would differ with the RECORD, but muscle does not add height, unless it is muscles on the bottoms of your feet.