Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Putting Things on the Shelves

"Trout in the West Fork of the Kickapoo River" Postcard of a watercolor painting by D. Litsey

Some new patterns of Mexican oilcloth

In the workshop today.

Amy Arnold's new buckwheat hull filled dolls. Reminds me of a game of Red Rover, Red Rover

More local maple syrup. It's so good!

Whitecloud Bags, handmade by Jessica Hooper, oilcloth lined, sturdy zips, carry-on sized, made of an outrageous collection of textiles, including recycled rubber bike inner tube bindings.

Chakrapennywhistle's handmade, eco-chic organic cotton stuffed pillows, silk screened designs by the artist. Also, Chakrapennywhistle's real bank $$ bag wallets, and pillows.

I've been trying to put a new warp on a loom, while working on my storekeeper duties. But the late summer days here have been so sweet, that's it's hard to stay at any task indoors. Still, it feels so good to see the shelves filling up again with good work by my favorite artists, including my maple syrup provider.

And there is more to come. I'm so grateful that my customers keep finding their way here!


Meg said...

Beautiful images!! If only my shelves could be so sparce!

Ursula said...

looks like a store that I'd like to visit... your new oilcloth patterns look good. I really like when you get the two color patterns; white and black, white and brown, etc.
I'm calling you tonight or tomorrow for some loom assistance. Tech support (said like FOTC: Tich Support). Already September, already half the week is over.

Susan said...

Meg, well, maybe that's not what people expect in a store, but I try to keep it clear in the center room, at least. The toys & books room is a little more crowded, and the Ladies Underwear Dept. is a little out of control

ursula, bring it on! Not that I'll have any useful information for you, but it will be nice to talk

pam said...

The Mexican oil cloth (in color) is gorgeous. Really caught my eye. Your shop shelves are inviting and beautiful.