Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mittens for Haiti

Barb Monroe, who keeps chickens, and knits in Dell, wants to help Haiti. I'd like to help her do that.   She knit these 5 pair of mittens, and would like to donate the purchase price of $45 / pair of mittens
to help Haiti.

Each pair is handknit wool yarn, in traditional Scandinavian knitting patterns.  She reversed pattern colors on the front and back of the mittens. They are medium ladies' size,
 except for the pink and gray "Spring Beauty" pair, which are ladies' small.

 The Mittens (top to bottom) :

Dutch Blue (med.size, Teal and offwhite)  SOLD
Here Comes the Sun (med. size, gold and tangerine) SOLD
Pines (med. size, pine green & deep grape)  SOLD
Thistle (med. size, violet and fog gray)
Spring Beauty (small size, pink & gray)
$45. / pair   SOLD

 She will donate the money from the sale of these mittens to
Partners in Health (a relief organization that has been helping Haiti for over 20 years).

If you'd like to know more about the mittens, or
would like to order a pair,
email me:  susan@avalanchelooms.com


Cheryl Cambras said...

wow, those are beautiful! i love the sun ones. they make me wish i lived where it snows.

Susan said...

Barb makes beautiful things