Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rags, rags, rags, more rags

My romance with old and worn rag rugs goes on with an antique cotton rug that was a gift to me from my husband.  He knows me so well.  The soft colors and texture of this rug are perfect, and after years of use, and good care it has become something more than a handwoven rag rug.  It's a real textile.

My new books are finally here.  I'd been waiting with great anticipation (hunger?) to see Finnish American Rag Rugs:  Art, Tradition & Ethnic Community, by Yvonne R. Lockwood,  just published by Michigan State University Press.  It is a study about rag rug culture and the role of rag weaving in Finnish America.  It explores how this craft, rag weaving,  reinforced the culture of the immigrant Finns, who settled in Michigan's upper penninsula. There are over 200  pictures of rugs, and old Finnish rag weavers, many now deceased,  weaving at their looms. There are also pictures of Finnish hand-built looms, lakeside weaving sheds, rugs in saunas, old rugs,  and techniques used by the Finnish weavers when designing and making their rugs.  Books may be purchased here at Avalanche Looms.   Or, email me for a copy, ( $29.95 + shipping) 

Update on Mittens for Haiti:  4 pairs of mittens, knitted by Barb Monroe, have been sold to date.  Barb and I are so pleased to have been able to turn her mittens into a contribution for Haitian relief, thanks to you mitten buyers!  There is still one pair available, "Thistle" violet and fog gray mittens.  (The purchase price of $45 will be donated to Partners in Health). 


Kit said...

Rag rugs are marvelous and this book looks wonderful! I will send your post to my sister who lives in Maine (she just wove a rug -- not rag but hand-dyed wool) for her kitchen.

Susan said...

Wear, use, soft color, texture, are the appealing qualities of old cotton rag rugs for me. I think they are the equivalent of what the Japanese call Boro. They are certainly humble, but beautiful

Need A Latte Mom said...

Love the rag rugs. they are my favorite.

Janice Zindel said...

My copy of Finnish-American Rag Rugs arrived in the mail today and would seem to be a treasure! I'm finishing up my work so I can settle into a chair and begin reading. Thanks again!

Susan said...

Jan, it is a good book, and I hope you'll like it. There are so many pictures, and the stories are good, too

I only wish N Wisconsin and N Minnesota Finnish American weavers could have been in it, too. It would have weighed 10 lbs then