Thursday, July 15, 2010


Let's see.  There's my antique Swedish spool winder that came along with an antique Swedish barn loom I bought a few years ago.  Clamped to my shelf the winder fills pirns, the rolled up paper tubes,  with cotton and linen and silk yarns.  It's a small job that is very satisfying.  This is what it looks like when I fill a pirn with Habu tsumugi indigo silk to make a linen and silk scarf.  The cone of yarn sits below the winder on the counter.

Scarf # 2, linen and silk, in the classic plaid, a soft, textured scarf.  I'm always attracted to this simple design plan, and the scale of the checks.  Indigo and linen, or natural silk, in a Swedish lace weave,
called myggtjall, or mosquito, is a traditional curtain weave.

At mid-July I feel Christmas barreling towards me, and I know already that I am not ready, nor will I be ready for it. As a storekeeper I feel responsible to create holiday magic, and fulfill  desires of children and teenagers, and parents, and spouses, rich uncles and young marrieds.  "I've no idea what they would like, they're young, they're very stylish."   "What can we get for someone who has everything?"  "What is there for my husband?"

I do love to keep store,  so I'll just do what I can not to disappoint the hopes I see when the Christmas customers come in the door.  Maybe a little birch tree will be pretty  this year for Christmas.  With strands of butter paper origami box lights.  And garlands of milkweed pods. There now,  that's better.


novembergrass said...

I think we all feel the pressures of the Christmas wishes and dreams of others... trying to please others. Trusting that if it pleases you, it will probably please someone else is not always easy.

Your dolls peaking over your Swedish spool winder are sweet.

Susan said...

I love to keep store, and I can't complain about Christmas. But people carry so much stress around it, and I feel it when they come in the door. I feel it for my own immediate family, and their expectations, but also the hundred customers and their friends and relations expectations.... I don't want to disappoint. it's probably the only tough part of my job. I wish it were much simpler...

The dolls. I do keep dolls around, but not sure why.

Marion B. said...

Christmas seems so far away and sadly I don't have people around me who especially like handmade presents. But they are dear to me anyway. Have a nice weekend.

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Hi Susan. Thanks for the lovely posts. I'm thoroughly enjoying your writing. And of course, I love all the visuals!

Anonymous said...

I have been searching everywhere for an antique ball winder that looks like mine!! I think I found it!!!! Thank you so much for this post! I am not a weaver, although I am so intrigued by the art, I just can't afford a loom, but I do spin on my Ashford Traddy quite bit!

I was hoping you could tell me if you have figured out how to make centre pull cakes with your Swedish wool winder? I have one that is very similar, but I can figure out how to use it to wind balls I can remove from the winder?
Any advice you have would be so appreciated!!

I hope that this year your Christmas was as magical as you make it for everyone else!