Thursday, December 9, 2010

SNO CRUSH: Barb Monroe

When Barb, a nurse, and her husband retired to live in Dell, she thought she'd spend these happy, golden years either learning to play the piano, or weaving.

It was her fate to meet weavers, not piano teachers, so she cut the piano idea adrift.  She calls her weaving studio, It Could Have Been a Piano.

She loves color, and knows how to use it well.  She also likes to try out weaves from the  Weaver's Handbook. If she doesn't like how something is turning out on her loom, she's not afraid to take a
scissors to it.

For Sno Crush Barb knitted  wool mittens, using traditional Scandinavian designs,  inverting the colors on each mitten, and knitting in non-traditional colors.  The money from sales of these mittens she wants to donate to our two local food pantries. 

Barb came home from a trip to Italy this year, inspired to weave the red, black and gray tencel and cotton placemats. They are elegant, and sleek, an 8-harness pattern that she says is very simple to thread.

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Entre Nous said...

Oh I really need to get my fingers moving here gorgeous mittens :}