Thursday, December 9, 2010

SNO-CRUSH: Angela Feltes

Weaver, spinner, colorista, Angela Feltes is a creative force.  Whether it's glass, complex weaves, yarn spinning, or dye, she's ready for it.  She takes on challenges fearlessly, in fact, she seems to thrive on them. I've chosen her black and white pieces to show here, though her weaving is often very colorful.

She produces simple structured weaves, like this weighty goose-eye table runner in black and white linen and cotton.  It feels like it could be a century old, just taken from a rustic Scandinavian table. Her little  black and white square-in-a-square 8-harness pattern is deceptively simple, and comely.  The  ivory spun Lincoln wool and mohair skein is luxurious, and full of potential.

She lives in the country near Viroqua, with children, husband,  dog and cat.  (She can also drive a snowplow down a precipitous snowy driveway). She is a woman who clearly can do whatever she sets her mind to.

Angie was the instigating force in the creation of Kindred Threads, her weaving store and cooperative weaving and dye workshop in downtown Viroqua.  Sadly, it  is closed now, but a strong weaving group emerged from it.