Sunday, December 5, 2010

SNO-CRUSH: Peter Doval, Jean Beck

Jean Beck
This remarkable woman, maker, and baker, is also my neighbor, an Avalancher.  What a poor place it would have seemed to me here,  if she hadn't been living just up the hill.

She's a farmer, who loves to keep some chickens, and here-a-cow, there-a-goat.  She grows wonderful apples on her Bonnie Best trees.  She's known for her generosity, helping anyone who she sees needs some special attention.  She has a gift for knowing who and when.

She can make anything, beautifully.  She knits like a dream, made dolls, puppets and brooms.  She strings fences, lays stone, makes firewood,  candy clear toys, and remarkable molded cookies.  She reads a
lot, and has strong, well-informed opinions.  She's a conversationalist, and seasons it well with her wry humor.

  She keeps house with her husband; their three children are grown up now.

I asked her to make something for this show, and she designed and sewed these lovely, well-made and serviceable aprons, in 3 sizes.

Peter Doval
Peter is well known here for his turned wood bowls.  With a brief hiatus working on stone, he has returned to wood turning.

He works with local trees, maple, birch, box elder, cherry.  He is meticulous in every aspect of producing his work.  He searches out good wood to turn, and patiently brings his bowls into form, turning, drying, and finishing.  Over the years he has worked to develop a wonderful, durable finish. His bowls are light, smooth, and beautifully shaped. They are always desired.

Held up in the light, they often glow.  I am so happy to show his beautiful work here, and wood after all, is a fiber.

Peter lives and works in a small cabin on the hill, somewhere nearby.


barbindell said...

Jean inspires me--her mittens are so magnficant

riverweave said...

Jean is just that person who is fun to know. I remember my kids telling me they would be hypnotized by watching her hands when she taught them to knit.

Peter's bowls are beautiful.

Gloria Freshley Art and Design said...

Susan, All of these photos are amazing, in and of themselves, and the crafts making up Sno-Crush are all gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing a bit about the artists and featuring their work here.

Entre Nous said...

What a wonderful post, reminds me of Gladys Tabor's writing :}