Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trouble and Dirt

It's that unpredictable, irregular, disconcerting season again. Where the ground should be solid,  it's spongey. The breeze is soft, the night warm, and then the sleet storm comes.  Vees of geese fly east, then west, a dissonant, squawking recorder concert flying over in apparent confusion.  Fresh, raw,  energy comes in the gusting wind, but dissipates in every direction.

I'm suddenly filled with enthusiasm, but just as suddenly deflate, forgetting what had me so excited. I hear myself humming the old housewife's lament:

There's nothing that pays for
The time you waste on it,
There's nothing that lasts us
But trouble and dirt.

1.  Building a hellokitty rag doll, draped and pinned, around an inflated playground ball
2.  Postcard picture of erin m riley's beautiful tapestry "Three Strikes"-- erin m riley is a new kind of artist/weaver breaking through.
3.  Corn stubble in a contour field with melting snow
4.  March scarf, in linen and cotton, rosepath and plainweave


Joanne said...

Thanks for highlighting erin m riley, her work is exciting and new to me. Yours, as always is beautiful.

Alice Fox said...

I completely agree about the unpredictability of things at this time of year - one day it feels like spring has arrived then the next it's gone again. There is such anticipation though...

Trapunto said...

Perfect thoughts for mud season! I am glad I am not the only one to find spring lends itself to mordant humor.

Peg said...

I LOVE the rag doll. Nice work!

P.S. Who cleans house anyway?

Velma Bolyard said...

that's exactly how it is right now. perfect.
thanks for introducing me to erin riley's work. very good work.

Susan said...

Erin M Riley, yes! House work, not so much.


wonderful blog! Especially enjoyed the story of your rabbit and weasle. You have such wonderful writing ability!

Susan said...

Thanks, Needlewings. (I love that name).
I do seem to have a strong desire to tell others about these happenings. The pleasure is all mine if anyone willingly reads