Friday, March 29, 2013

goin' back to my old gal Sue

Gathering my wits about me, with coffee cup and morning light, I just heard about an architect whose name is Mr. Swinghammer!  The day holds promise.  I have a newly made cushion to look upon, and freshly felted slippers. The slippers are a far cry from the Pia Wallen slippers I visualized while I vigorously felted, what seemed to be a bale of wool, for several hours. They're more paleo than Pia. When they had finally reduced in size to a pair of large bread loaves, I stopped to recuperate my strength. Felting requires persistence, and fortitude.  The next day, I started in again, and that they now fit on my feet is a (small) miracle.

 I made them in a  felt making workshop offered by artist, Amy Arnold, who usually carves and paints wood figures with her husband, Kelsey Sauber Olds. I've invited them to show their carvings here at Avalanche Looms for the month of April, starting with a coffee table 0pening on Saturday, April 6, from 1 - 5.  Everyone welcome to come, with or without felt shoes.


erica hogenbirk said...

Love the cushion & love your beautiful work!

barbindell said...

I shall be there, sans slippers

Susan said...

thank you, thank you.

Barb, AAwww! Don't say it.
Amy said your boots turned out cute.
We might put on some music and have
a little felt-hop

Erin said...

Ahh such beautiful works!
Your felted slippers look like a beautiful sculpture!

erin said...

Those slippers are AMAZING!