Sunday, March 24, 2013



Warping and weaving, now all my looms but one are full of fresh warp.  Some rag weaves are
being fitted to bee box cupboards. The red cross one will be a medicine cabinet. The
light blue and green one I sewed into a plump new cushion.

A gray and white scarf  is coming along on my liberated Cranbrook loom, and looks
interesting to me. It's  wonderful to be working again on this loom. I didn't realize how much
I'd missed it. 

I'm sure I'll start to work on my taxes tomorrow, and if not then, certainly the next day.


Elizabeth McMurtry said...

oh, taxes. I'm sure I will start mine some day, too...

I love your red cross. Your crosses have inspired me; I have been trying to research more about this symbol... I am using it in a quilt I am making very soon. I like the Native American idea that it is tied to the elements, earth, wind, fire, and water.

What do you use for stuffing your pillows? Do you have a recommendation for a wool or cotton supplier? I am looking for a good one...

martine said...

Beautiful, makes me feel like taking up weaving again! Martine

Susan said...

A symbol has many meanings. The circle and the cross must be some of the first drawn symbols. It always seems to be the right design element at a certain point in my weaving. At least, for now.

My preferred stuffing for pillows is organic kapok, very firmly stuffed into a pillow form. I sew the rag cover around the form. Kapok used to be used for life jackets, so my cushions have the added benefit of flotation!

Martine, Good! I hope you will take it up again.