Saturday, December 14, 2013

pale sun

We're almost there, the shortest day, the longest night.   

Notice:  The beautiful blog A Butterfly in My Hair is coming to the end of her December Advent Calendar.  My Savu Sauna facecloth is offered today. Visit, and leave your email address to have a chance to win it. I'm so excited to find out who it will go to.


Jenny M said...

Beautiful photos, beautiful weaving and that is the funniest Spotted Cow I have ever seen!

riverweave said...

Love these colorful, wintry pictures.

Barb said...

I believe the kitty has the best seat in the house!

Susan said...

Barb, catching a few rays, after a few winks @ the old rabbit hutch

Patrice A. said...

such beautiful images
is it in your shop?
i would love to look around more closely
those fine books i see
the beautiful weaving
stroking the cat....

thanks for sharing

Susan said...

Patrice, I took some pictures here in the workshop and store, and then my house when I walked over there for lunch. I like to think I'm inviting people who read my blog along with me , as if they were here . I'm glad you like to pretend with me


g. said...

hello susan, how can i get in touch with you? your weaving is so beautiful. would love to ask a few questions.
thank you.
best, giovanna

My Blog said...

I am about to set up my loom for Jean Lilly and did a search to show a friend what I am up to. I found your post from 2009. You do such lovely weaving. Gorgeous and creative without getting too strange.
My blog is
I started weaving seriously about two years ago.
Stay warm! I find weaving to be perfect for keeping the cill at bay. I live in the northeast.

My Blog said...

...that would be "chill."