Sunday, December 22, 2013

oh, christmas trees!

The tree is a pretty one, with only one weird side. We cleaned house,  shook out rugs, and vacuumed all morning, before we brought it inside. We even found our missing cobweb brush!  The snow is falling softly, and it feels very much like a Wisconsin Christmas now.  I hope everyone has a lovely holiday.


Vibeke said...

Beautiful snowcovered trees around you.
We are not having a lot of snow now because of several rainy days. Hope we will get some new snow before Christmas rings in...


thank you for letting us take a walk together with you through your lovely Christmas store dear Susan!!: )

Wishing you and yours a wonderful an joyus Christmas,

Velma Bolyard said...

beautiful. happy holidays to you, susan.

Jenny M said...

Magical we don't have snow where I live in Australia, these photos are so interesting & beautiful.
Wishing you a lovely holiday season.

Patrice A. said...

beautiful winter wonderland!
we will have rain and
temperatures away above normal
a drizzeling wet Christmas ;^))

i wish you fine days
Patrice A.

Joanne said...

As always your photos are beautiful. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

Barb said...

Have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for being my friend-Barb

Susan said...

To each of you who has come here to indulge me by reading and looking at my pictures, I am so grateful.
Happy Christmas, and love, Susan

jan said...

What a winter wonderland. And lovely to see your ginger-boy braving cold paws! My ginger cat used to roll the snow between his paws and make snowballs! SO cute! May you all have a peaceful MidWinter.

apiecefullife said...

No snow here, I hope.

Anonymous said...

oh, poor kitty! may you all have a warm, safe holiday.

Susan said...

Ha, ha. A cat rolling snowballs! I wish mine did that. Instead he was so happy to follow me around on my little picture taking walk from the store to the house.
If you look closely, he's dangling one of his "mitten"
paws off the porch. He has 9 toes on each front paw,
8 on each back foot. He could sure make some good snowballs, if he tried. His name is Mikey.

Leonardo Dicaprio said...

Beautiful Snowy Christmas Pictures