Saturday, July 12, 2014

now it's the elderflowers

These elderflower banks are killing me.  Large flat plates of creamy umbrels, and a honey scent that
envelopes me as I ride my bike through an invisible cloud of it.  I manage to keep my balance, but try not to fall for all of this. And, then I do.  The old Avalanche chapel continues to attract me, with its empty rooms, and faded, kitchen curtain folds behind old glass windows.  It's crazy out there, even in the practical daylight. After dark, the full moon's glow, mingles with, yes, clouds of lightning bugs twinkling across the hay field and a gauzy layer of ground mist.  Too Beautiful.


Debbie Pavick said...

Making elderflower cordial as I read this now! Will enjoy it with sparkling water (and maybe a little vodka) over ice.


msvos said...

Thank you for these images - in photos and in words. It provided a sweet respite during an anxious afternoon. I so love seeing the surroundings where you are lucky enough to live and create. Makes me look at my own with more open eyes - there is so much beauty that I take for granted. Love the two woven works! I have a craving for that elderflower cordial Debbie mentioned!
Enjoy - Laurie

Susan said...

How has everyone made elderflower cordial but not me? It's a bumper crop this year, so maybe I'll make some. The vodka sounds about right

Laurie, thank you. Often I look past what's right in front of me. It is so familiar. I hope you can get some of that cordial,too

Mund Alpin said...

I have been following your blog for a while now and I admire your weaving so much. I think you are such a great artist!
I wonder if you sell any of your work?
Summer greetings from the swiss alps

Susan said...

Paivi, I'm so glad you take the time to come here, and also that you like my weaving. My scarfs are for sale on etsy ( and I just started a shop at for some of my other new weaving. The Etsy shop has an email list for when I post new scarfs. I'd be happy to add you to it if you leave me your email. I just looked at your Swiss blog,too. It's hard to imagine living an ordinary life in such a beautiful place as the Alps


mund Alpin said...

Dear Susan,
Thank you for the information! Will do and have a look at Etsy.
The nature is beautiful and sometimes hard, as everywhere. But I love the tranquility!!
Take care
Lots of love

margery meyers haber said...

Magic, this time of year. All of it. How can we do anything but surrender? Thank you for this post.

Velma Bolyard said...

the culvert photo is wonderful! i could smell the green and elder and the delicious wisconsin summer.

riverweave said...

Driving in the countryside you see them everywhere this year, a celebration of all that good moisture and sunshine. Yes, elderberry cordial sounds wonderful.

Wren said...

Adore your scarf.. So nice to find your blog!

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

The way you describe it all takes me there. So very wonderful--your creations--a vivid eye that inspires.